ClipBucketV5 is an Open Source and freely downloadable PHP script that will let you start your own Video Sharing website in a matter of minutes.
ClipBucketV5 is the fastest growing video script with the most advanced video sharing and social features.

With ClipbucketV5,

You will have almost all social media features in your hand. You can let your users create groups, playlists, collections and much more. They can send friend requests and private messages to each other as well. You can start a fully dedicated video sharing website or photo sharing websites and also both at the same time as well.

Start your own today !

Main features


Play video anywhere with MP4 or HLS conversion


Import and manage your photos


Manage your photos and videos in collections


Create and manage video playlists


Easily manage multiple languages for your website

Video subtitles

Full support for video subtitles directly from your admin area

ChromeCast support

Send videos to your chromecast / android TV natively

4K UHD video support

Upload high quality videos


Compatible with complex hosting infrastructure

DB updates

Integrated mechanism to update your DB with new versions

Update checker

See instantly if your ClipbucketV5 is up-to-date

Remote play

Play video from external websites

Our offers

Community / Self-hosted

  • Unlimited users :
  • Unlimited number of medias :
  • Hosting :On your own*
  • Initial setup :On your own*
  • Updates :On your own*
  • Support :Github issues
  • Database backup :On your own*
  • Custom developements :Custom pricing
  • Migration from original Clipbucket :On your own*


  • Unlimited users :
  • Unlimited number of medias :
  • Hosting :
  • Initial setup :
  • Updates :
  • Support :Prioritary support
  • Database backup :
  • Custom developements :10% discount
  • Migration from original Clipbucket :
Unlimited users
Unlimited number of medias
On your own*
Initial setup
On your own*
On your own*
Prioritary support
Database backup
On your own*
Custom developements
Custom pricing
Custom pricing with 10% discount
Migration from original Clipbucket
On your own*

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Compared to Plex, VideoStation, Kodi and other streaming platform which use live transcodage, Clipbucket use video conversion only once during upload step.
This way, Clipbucket allow you to have multiple simultaneous viewers with way less ressources, allowing you to host Clipbucket on low end dedicated hosting, like VPS, NAS, … even a Raspberry !

To host Clipbucket with full functionnalities, you need a dedicated host where you’ll be able to install all required dependancies.
Because it’s all about medias (and mostly videos), you’ll need space, lot of space, depending of how much videos you want to host

You don’t want to bother with this kind of details ? Check out our SaaS plan and contact us !

Clipbucket originalcommunity edition has been slowly dying since release 4.1 (May 2018) and has been archived on december 2022.
In october 2020, Clipbucket closed their doors and switched to Vodlix, a closed sources fork of Clipbucket which has no community or free version available.

We’ve been maintaining, updating and upgrading Clipbucket since 2016 and created ClipbucketV5 on april 2018.

We’ve been constantly updating ClipbucketV5 for years and, since it’s integration as Oxygenz’s projects, advancement speed has highly increased.
Last months, lots of rousing new functionnalities have been implemented to drastically increase user experience and prepare for future new features.

Current DEV version 5.5.0 implement per example HLS video conversion which implies multilanguages audio support for videos, and video subtitles, and so much more… 

We plan to implement 360° and VR videos support, TMDB integration, remote upload, …

Of course we can ! Tell us what you need and we’ll find out how ! Here is a quick list of pricing per option :
  • Initial setup : starting at 150€*
  • Weekly update and database backup : starting at 100€* per month
  • Migration from original Clipbucket (Community or Premium) : starting at 200€*
(* All prices are indicated without VAT)

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